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I’m over all of the TS3 & TS4 photos all over my dash. If you have any suggestions of amazing TS2 tumblrs, feel free to reply. 

Sidenote: Any good TS2 machinimas or stories worth reading/watching?

TS2 To Download List — Create-A-Sim Mode

Any other suggestions of fashion forward, edgy, realistic CC for creating sims? Shoot ‘em my way. 

Reblog if you still play Sims 2 instead of Sims 3.


I’m curious, so let’s see what happens.

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TS2 Simblrs!?

Please start sending me TS2 Simblrs to follow. As much as I love the TS3 Simblrs that I follow, I’d really love to see more TS2 on my dashboard. Don’t start assuming that I’m anti-TS3 or Pudding Face. I own all of the expansions but the latest. I just have a love of TS2’s aesthetic.

Blaise is quickly becoming my favorite Sim. Probably because his style is very much so inspired by my own. This outfit is actually directly from my own closet. Also, the mesh is something that I blended together myself - basic male top, harem bottoms and wedge sneaker shoes. It’s far from perfect.. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the arms have the weird crease in them. If you know how I can get rid of that, please let me know! I’d appreciate that.