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i shipped zankie until…

frankie found yet another way to fuck zach over. one second he’s trying to advise zach on how to do some damage control to better his game [for the both of them] then the next he’s playing zach and egging him on to cause a scene [so team america gets their $5k]. maybe it’s just me but it’s disappointing that the money is worth fucking over his closest friend, biggest support, firmest shoulder and his supposed “love”. not to mention, his final two deal. frankie needs to re-evaluate how he shows his so-called love, support and friendship.

yes, it’s a game; however, some things are worth more than a dollar amount. and as a zankie shipper that’s followed their relationship not because of the sexual fantasy many are having but because of the strong bond, i’m just disappointed.

and on that note, i’m over this ship.

BB16 Free Live Feed Streaming

I swear, all of the good sites keep disappearing. People really gotta quit posting the link everywhere. The site I was using had a Quad and Dual cam option with a chatroom.. It was perfect! Ahhh.. Seriously, after this month I’m going to just pay for it. Anyways, anyone have a link to a good live feed to keep me occupied until then? If so, can you please link me via response or my ask box?

i miss TS2

i haven’t be on here in forever but ever since i switched to my macbook air, i haven’t played the sims. ugh. just started having withdrawals.

TS2 Site Suggestions… GO!

Still in the process of setting up my game. Any sites that you feel have amazing content suggest to me. I’m open minded… Especially since I’m more so trying to hoarder meshes to recolor, retexture and customize (both Sims and build/buy mode). I want to create a game that’s highly customized this go around. So what sites do you recommend?

The perks of getting a new laptop every year or so…

So you know how I said that I lost everything for TS2? Well, that’s still true; however, I just realized that one of my old laptops still has TS2 installed on it. This means that I don’t have to start my game completely from scratch and having to redownload thousands of files. On the flipside, I don’t have any of the new stuff I’ve created within the last few years which sucks. Oh well, I was planning on doing my game completely over this go around. I want to completely customize it to create a minimalistic world. One that’s like a monochrome high society. Very excited for this adventure. Let’s see how long it’ll last.

Reblog if you still play Sims 2 instead of Sims 3.


I’m curious, so let’s see what happens.

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Oh. My. God.

I lost every single TS2 file I’ve ever created. I could just die right now. Well, fresh start it is.

Here’s the first outfit that I’ve made for Cass.. She’s not one to wear a $600 sweater, $500 pants and $300 shoes; however, let’s just say that Sasha Roche styled the After The Fall cast photoshoot and these are the items she selected for Cass. Ha! I can’t wait to start taking these shots! All of their outfits are complete.

Sasha Roche in a skirt made up of two Givenchy scarves. The perks of her being a fashion designer.. She can get away with doing anything, ha!